Develop Core Strength & Flexibility; Improve Posture & Balance.

  • TUESDAYS (Mixed-Level): 5-6 pm, Sept 15-Nov 10 (8-sessions)-no class 11/3 Election Day
  • FRIDAYS (Mixed-Level): 10-11 am, Sept 18-Nov 6 (8-sessions)

FEES: *If you’r financial distressed we can work something out.

  • COUPLES DISCOUNT: Rather than buy two cards, add 50% to card fee.
  • 8-Class Card: $104
  • 4-Class Card: $60
  • ALL CLASSES CARD! $160, 16-classes available (*Albany Comm Ctr. not included)
  • Single Class: $18
  • VIDEO PASS: $20: Students who register for 4-class or 8-class cards can purchase a VIDEO PASS making available 16 downloadable videos of all Sept 15-Nov 10 Pilates classes. Having class videos can help you remember and practice what happened in a class (*Wed Albany Comm Ctr. not included). 


PayPal: Click Link: Paypal.me/userfriendlypilates
Venmo: Use Venmo app on your phone and search for: @Ernest-Adams-16
Check: Pay to Ernie Adams, 1655 San Benito St., Richmond CA 94804
Credit Card (see Buy Now button below):

PILATES -Zoom 9/15-11/6


USER FRIENDLY PILATES: Get Stronger Without Getting Hurt
WEDNESDAYS (Mixed-Level): 5-6 pm, Sept 16-Nov 4 (8-sessions), $105

*FOR INFORMATION ABOUT HOW TO REGISTER ONLINE, PLEASE GO TO THIS LINK: WWW.ALBANYCA.ORG  (Please try to follow the directions, it can be confusing)

CALL: 510-524-9283 (M-F, 8:30 am-3 pm). If you don’t get a live person, try calling at another time, since the staff is working remotely. Let me know by if you have difficulty registering.