Jan/Feb 2022:

PILATES & MOVEMENT: Develop core strength and flexibility, improve posture and balance. 

 TUESDAY (ZOOM), Jan 11-Mar 1, 5-6pm, 8-classes, $120/Couples $175 (Zoom only), Add $25 for a VIDEO PASS (16-recorded Tues & Thurs classes).

FRIDAY ( ZOOM), Jan 7-Feb 25, 10-11am, 8-classes, $120  Location: Mind Body Dojo, 7512 Fairmount Ave., El Cerrito

TUESDAY/FRIDAY COMBO (ZOOM), 16-classes, $200 

 REGISTRATION: Check or Venmo preferred, yet use credit if necessary.

  • CHECK: Pay to Ernie Adams, 1655 San Benito St., Richmond CA 94804 (Please let me know when you send your check).
  • VENMO: (Search: @Ernest-Adams-16)-indicate it a ‘payment between friends‘. Info link about Venmo:How to use Venmo.
  • PayPal: me/UserFriendlyPilates
  • CREDIT CARD: (See ‘Buy Now‘ button)

PILATES Jan 11-Mar 1, 2022